What Shoes to Wear with a Red Dress

It is notoriously difficult to select the right pair of shoes to go with a red dress. The right shoe type depends on so many factors such as the cut of the dress, the shade of red, your hair colour and hair cut, body type, occasion and, of course, individual preferences. It’s impossible to cover all the different options in a single post but we try to cover as much as we can. Here’s our guide for a red dress newbie.

1. Animal print


Red dress + animal print shoes = killer combo. Zebra, leopard or snake print. For one of those days when nothing else works, this will help bring out the femme fatale hidden in all of us.

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2. Statement black high heel sandals


When you need a sharp accent to your red dress, go for statement black high heeled sandals. Try sandals with geometric detailing like wide/thin contrast stripes of leather for a polished look.

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3. Low heel boots


Perfect for a casual summer day or festival look.

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4. Nudes


Nothing elongates a leg quite like a nude high heel and what a perfect companion to a red dress it is. If you want all the attention on your pièce de résistance dress, go for a nude heel.

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5. Strappy black sandals


Shop strappy sandals:

Classy, elegant, nonchalant.

6. Contrast shoes


If you are feeling adventurous, try some contrasting shoes. The contrast can be achieved through colour, like blue or green, texture like suede or lace or fabric like denim.

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7. Go for gold 


Why is it that gold shoes always make you feel regal? Pair them up with a red dress and look like a queen for a day.

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8. Silver


In the metallics category, silver shoes are probably a more refined companion to a red dress than the gold ones. Still a lot of reflection and shine but slightly less pomposity.

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9. Casual in sneakers

Sneakers are a no-brainer for a relaxed, comfy look.

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10. Best for the red carpet


Red dresses are a red carpet staple. We’ve seen celebrities pairing them up with matching red shoes, nude heels, minimalist black sandals and strappy heels.

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